The Best Podcasts for Body Positivity

The Best Podcasts for Body Positivity

Listening to body positive podcasts is extremely beneficial to improve your self-esteem by appreciating your body as it is.

It allows you to feel connected by listening to the stories of others body image journeys, which can help break unhealthy habits such as body comparison. Body dissatisfaction is a common issue for many people, resulting in a negative attitude with your own physical appearance. Body positive podcasts are a brilliant way to embrace your own body by listening to body positive influencers who can inspire you.­  

We’ve done the research and found the best body positive podcasts for you to listen to! 

Affirmation Pod  


One of the best podcasts for body positivity is the Affirmation Pod, which dives into relaxing affirmations to improve self-esteem. It’s a powerful podcast which gives a sense of support and confidence towards body positivity. Using affirmations daily improves your mental health, providing support with body image issues such as anxiety. The Affirmation Pod encourages personal growth by understanding the importance of your body by loving and accepting it.  

Break the Diet Cycle


Break the Diet Cycle podcast covers how you can find food freedom without feeling guilty or ashamed. She talks about the principles of intuitive eating, a non-dieting approach that changes you're eating habits, by letting go of diet culture. From past experiences, she has learnt the issues of dieting and focuses on how you can accept your body image. She believes that no matter what size you are, you shouldn’t have to feel food guilt.  

Shes All Fat: A Fat Positive Podcast


Shes All Fat podcast discusses the importance of self-love and fat positivity. They tackle sensitive topics such as insecurities and fatphobic violence, but also bring in featured guests to talk about their experiences. It’s a fantastic way to broaden your understanding of body diversity and feel inspired by listening to body positive influencers. Listening to the Shes All Fat podcast highlights stories from diverse backgrounds, which promotes inclusivity and positivity of all body shapes and sizes. 

Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen


Eat the Rules covers a diverse range of important topics from body positivity to anti-dieting. The podcast includes leading experts in body image, which tackle major issues such as societal, anti-diet movement and self-help. This motivating podcast covers personal experiences, which is a great way for you to embrace and accept your body image. Summer is a professionally trained coach specialising in body image and confidence, with the aim of helping women feel confident.  

Irresistible You Podcast


Aimee, a confidence coach created her own podcast, which covers several topics such as weight loss, body image and binge eating. The goal of her podcast is to make women feel comfortable and confident with their body image, by reducing comparison and fostering self-love. From past experiences, she understands the issues many people face with body dissatisfaction and has created a platform for women to feel irresistible!­  

The Body Grievers Club


The Body Grievers Club podcast is one of the best body positivity podcasts that has created a group for women to join, where they can listen to other people's journeys of self-love. Bri Campos created the Body Grievers Club to help women who are experiencing body grief, which is the process of letting go of an idealised body image. It's an uplifting podcast which helps you feel less isolated by listening to those with similar experiences to yourself. It gives you the opportunity to explore self-discovery by taking better care of yourself.  

Food Heaven


Registered dietician nutritionists Wendy Lopez and Jessca Jones cover how we can have balanced lifestyles without restrictive diets. They dive into health topics such as intuitive eating, mental health, diabetes-friendly nutrition and body acceptance. If you want to hear all about wellness tips and tricks, Food Heaven is the perfect podcast to understand how you can be the best version of yourself.  

Food Psych


Christy Harrison, a registered dietician nutritionist talks about the challenges with diet culture and how it can be tackled. She created this podcast to share her journey of previous bad eating habits and promotes how you can develop better relationships with food. She covers various topics, from diet culture to intuitive eating, helping people feel their best by finding balance with food, without resorting to unhealthy dieting. She strives to create an inclusive environment for people to focus on their body’s needs not its appearance.  

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