15 Hen Do Drinking Games

Hen Party Drinking Games for Your Hens Night

Kick off your celebrations and enjoy the drinks with these hen party drinking games!

With your celebration planning in full swing, you will probably be looking at adding some fun extras to make your weekend one to remember. We have researched and compiled a list of 15 of the best hen party drinking games for your night! Have a read at the games below and pick your favourite to include in your celebration.

1. Never Have I Ever

It is probably one of the most popular and classic hen drinking games out there. Never have I ever is a game that doesn’t need any equipment. All you need to do is say various never have I ever sentences, and if the statement applies to you, then you don’t drink. But if you have done what has been said, you drink!

2. Two Truths & A Lie

Each person takes turns to say three statements about themselves, two true and one a lie. The rest of the group will then have to work out amongst themselves, which is a lie. If they get it wrong, they all must take a shot. If they get it right, the person who said the statements must take a shot.

3. Prosecco Pong

Just like the famous beer pong, but instead, for the girls, you can opt for prosecco pong! Get yourself a prosecco pong kit. Split up into two teams and go head to head, throwing the ball aiming for the opposing team’s prosecco glass. If it goes in, they must drink the contents of the glass!

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4. Banned Words

Pick a handful of words related to the hen do or the wedding and have these words banned for the night. Then whenever these words are said, there has to be a hen challenge that the person has to do for saying the word. The easiest forfeit would be to take a shot!

5. Most Likely To

Sit in a circle and ensure the hen group has their drinks ready. Then, take turns saying a statement like ‘Who is most likely to be the drunkest at the wedding’ then countdown from 3, and everyone must point to who they think would be most likely to do so. Then you sip your drink for every finger pointed at you.

6. Roxanne

This hen night drinking game is straightforward to fall back onto if you just want to get drunk quickly. Split up into two teams, one is for the word ‘Roxanne’, and one is for ‘red light’. Then, play Roxanne by The Police and get ready to start drinking. You must take a sip of your drink whenever your word is said. And trust us, you will need a lot of alcohol for this one.

7. Where's the Water?

See who can handle their drink the most! Put together enough shot glasses for the whole group, and fill half with water and half with vodka. Then, take turns choosing a shot and taking it. The rest of the group must guess if you had vodka or water.

8. Cards Against Humanity

If you and the girls are a brutal group and hold nothing back, cards against humanity will be the perfect game for you! You each have a handful of different cards with different statements on them. Take turns to read out a sentence with a gap or need an answer. Then, you choose which one of your cards will be best suited to what the sentence says. You can be as funny or as brutal as you like. The person who reads out the sentence then reads out all the cards put in, and they choose the one they think fits best! The drunker you are to play this, the funnier it usually is.

9. Ring of Fire

A classic drinking game for hen nights that we are sure everyone knows how to play! You put a tall glass in the middle of the table and a pack of cards facing downwards around the glass in a circle. Each player takes turns drawing a card from the deck without breaking the circle. Each card has a different rule.

10. Flip Cup

This game will have you using the classic red cups you see in all American films! All you must do is place all the cups at the edge of the table upside down. Then split into two teams and race against time to flip your cups correctly. It’s a relay race, so when your cup has been flipped, the next player starts on the next cup. The team who loses at the end must take a shot.

11. Shot Roulette

All you need is a shot roulette board, and then everyone in the group places their bets on what number they think will come in. If they are right, they must drink the shot on the number that played. This then continues until all the shot glasses are empty! Or you could keep filling them up if you are planning for this game to make everyone drunk.

12. Fuzzy Duck

It's an old game but a great game to get drunk from! It doesn’t need equipment, just you and the girls and plenty of alcohol. Sit in a circle, and the first person says ‘fuzzy duck’ to the person on the left. Then the pattern continues until someone says ‘does he’, then it switches to the player on their right who has to say ‘ducky fuzz’ this continues till someone messes up their words, and if they do so, they have to drink!

13. Drunk Jenga

This one requires a bit of preparation; pick up a standard jenga set and then write different rules relating to drinking on each piece. For example, ‘drink two fingers of your drink’ or ‘have a shot’ etc. Once you have written down all the rules, play a game of jenga as usual!

14. Higher or Lower

All you need is a pack of cards and plenty of alcohol; take turns to be the player and the dealer. The dealer will put a card on the table; the player must decide whether the next card dealt would be higher or lower than the card already on the table. If it’s the opposite of what the player says, they must take a shot.

15. Guess Who?

Each player writes a secret about themselves on a piece of paper, folds it up and puts it inside a hat or glass. Then in turns, each player takes out one of the secrets and reads it to try and figure out who the secret is about. Then each player takes their guess on who the secret is about; if they guess right that person takes a shot. If they guess wrong, they have to take a shot.

Or maybe you just want to play the classic Mr & Mrs Questions?

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