Life Drawing Models

Life Drawing Models

Nude Models for Drawing

Life Drawing Parties can provide nude models for a wide range of groups, such as hen parties, stag do’s and birthday events to name a few! Even groups that have aspiring artists can benefit from the nude model drawing that we have to offer. All of the life drawing models that we have for these experiences can be held in multiple locations across the whole of the UK!

You can rely on us to maintain high standards of conduct, reliability, and competence in providing nude life models and life models for drawing for a wide range of services and requ­ire­ments. So whatever event you are planning we act as a trustworthy bridge between the nude model and the artist.

Finding a Nude Life Model

For hundreds of years, people have hired models so that they could paint, draw, and sculp the human form. And as the years have gone on more and more groups are planning events where they can experience drawing a model nude whether its just for fun or they are trying to learn more about the art itself.

Luckily for you we act as your middle man, simply let us know what type of event or get together you are having with friends, a group of artists or even work colleagues and we will do the rest. We source all our life models and make sure they are suitable for their planned event.

Life Drawing Model Etiquette

Usually you should give the nude model around a 5 minute break every 20 to 30 minutes that they are posing for. Of course the best thing for you to do is ask your model what they would prefer and go with that. That way you will have the chance to immerse yourself into your drawing without checking up on the nude life model.

Knowing the Boundaries

Nude models allow the drawers and artists to stare at them and their every move which would be classed as abnormal if you weren’t in the studio. They can hold poses for a long period of time to help with someone else’s art. Therefore you want to make sure to know the limits and rules that are in place to keep a respectful relationship with the life drawing model and the artist.

Don’t touch the model – You shouldn’t invade their personal space. Instead of touching them try describing or asking them what you want them to do to their pose.

Don’t take pictures – Unless you have been given permission you should never take photos or videos of the life model.

Don’t allow spectators – The model will want to keep their dignity and privacy as much as possible so most of the time models only allow people drawing in the room.

Don’t question the model – You can request a pose or a movement to the model but the model has the final say on the matter and will only do what their comfortable doing.

Paying the Life Model

Usually life drawing companies and models will tell you the standard hourly rate for a nude model in your area. Once you know the correct amount to pay the model you should figure out if you are paying before the event in advance or after the event has happened.

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