Why is Body Positivity Important?

Why is Body Positivity Important?

You may be wondering why is having a positive body image important?

Body positivity is an extremely important topic that gives people the freedom to see their bodies in a positive way. It is all about encouraging self-acceptance, regardless of body shape and size. Lots of things can impact the way we feel about our body image, such as pressures to look a certain way and unrealistic beauty standards in the media. 

Since the body positive movement, body positivity has become a major topic in society, promoting diversity and acceptance. Body positivity has evolved over the years, with the media being more inclusive, such as brands like Dove featuring women of different ages, sizes, ethnicities and hair colours in their campaigns. There are numerous reasons why it is important to have a positive body image, so let’s delve into them. 

Boosts Self-Esteem 

Body image is the way we view ourselves, if you have low self-esteem, then it can be difficult to see your body positively. Embracing body positivity can make an individual feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin. There are many valuable steps on how you can be more body positive, which will have a positive effect on your mental and physical health. Building a healthy body image can be a struggle, but as you begin to accept your body image, it helps you develop a positive outlook of the person you are.  

Promotes Mental Health  

Negative feelings about body image can impact an individual's mental health, such as low self-esteem and depression. Body positivity is created to love your own skin and feel appreciative of the body you are given. Feeling positive about your body shape and size can support your mental health by reducing thoughts of self-criticism and negative thoughts. Feeling more confident with your body image is a great way to boost your self-esteem by feeling a sense of validation. 

Encourages Healthy Behaviours  

Encourages Healthy Behaviours  

When you feel good about your body image, you are encouraged to engage in healthy behaviours, such as eating well and taking part in regular exercise, stemming from a positive relationship with your body. Participating in physical exercise has been found to help with confidence as it releases endorphins, which are shown to improve your sense of well-being. Feeling confident and positive about your body image can lead to healthy dieting behaviours, such as maintaining a balanced approach to food.  

Supports Physical Health  

Taking part in physical activity for your mental well-being is a great way to engage in healthy behaviours driven by self-care, not your weight. Engaging in physical activity can help people appreciate what their body can do during physical activity rather than just its appearance. Physical activity can also be very effective in reducing stress on the body, which leads to decreased cortisol levels and encourages better health. 

A Place of Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance is the first step to feeling body positive, which can be a struggle for many people. Building body confidence can be a journey, and for some, tackling unhealthy habits can be difficult, such as comparing yourself to others and feeling pressured to conform to beauty standards. There are numerous ways to tackle low self-esteem with your body image, such as focusing on your positive qualities and recognising your own beauty. Body positivity has evolved over time and has become significantly impactful in the media, with brands promoting and accepting all body shapes and sizes. 

Challenges Unrealistic Beauty Standards 

Many social media platforms feature people editing and photoshopping their images, creating unrealistic beauty standards. Many people find themselves comparing their bodies to others, which can lead to body dissatisfaction and a lack of confidence. However, over time, body positivity has become an effective way of challenging unrealistic beauty standards, with body-positive influencers promoting self-love and confidence on social media. Body positivity and the representation of diversity have gained popularity in the media, with brands increasingly showcasing individuals of all shapes and sizes. 

Enhances Relationships 

Enhances Relationships 

Feelings of body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem can impact your relationships with others. Taking small steps to feel body-positive is a great way to enhance your relationships by feeling more confident, which can lead to more positive interactions with others. Accepting your body is an effective way to feel comfortable and open when meeting new people. Learning to love your body also helps build a strong and healthy relationship with your partner, creating meaningful connections with them by being open and genuine.­   

Reduces Discrimination 

When the body image movement shifted in 2010, inclusivity and diversity became a popular topic in the media, showcasing all body types. Many brands embrace all body shapes and sizes regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age and physical abilities. Brands like Dove and Isle of Paradise both launched campaigns, sharing a selection of diverse people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages. Showcasing diversity and inclusivity has created more of a compassionate society where people are less judgmental of all body types.  

Encourages Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is a great way to feel body positive, which encourages healthier lifestyle choices. Mindfulness is also a great way to manage negative self-talk by focusing on your thoughts and feelings and letting go of negativity. It’s about learning to be accepting of your body image and appreciate what it can do. This is an effective way to feel a deeper connection with your body by looking at what it can do, not just its appearance.   

Reduces Stress 

Diet culture was a major issue in the early 2000s, with unrealistic beauty standards being shown in the media. With brands now promoting diversity and inclusivity with models of all shapes and sizes, there is less pressure to appear a certain way. This has allowed individuals to feel comfortable in their own bodies without having to achieve what was once known as the ‘ideal body’. There is now less pressure and stress on society, with body positive influencers creating an inclusive platform for people to be themselves. 

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