5 Sheffield Art Classes to Try Out

Best Art Classes in Sheffield

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and have a go at one of these wonderful art classes in Sheffield. Perfect for those who’ve never tried an arty course before, these beginner-level workshops will be sure to improve your skills.

Known for being one of the best places to party in the north of England, Sheffield is also a wonderfully creative city with lots going on all year round. With lots of art classes in Sheffield for you to take a look at, this is a great way to improve your creative skills and learn something new.

Best Art Classes in Sheffield - Drawing Techniques

1. Drawing Techniques - The Art House Sheffield

Designed with the beginners in mind, this is one of the best art classes in Sheffield for those who struggle to self-motivate when it comes to learning artistic tricks and tips. With an excellent and experienced tutor to guide the session, this is a great way to not only learn and develop your skills but to meet and socialise with others whilst doing so. For a fun and social way to get creative, this is a no-brainer.

8 Backfields | Website

Best Art Classes in Sheffield - Pub Painting

2. Pub Painting - Various Locations

Combining two of the best activities, this is one of those art classes in Sheffield where you’ll truly have your hands full! Hosted at a number of different and eclectic pubs situated in-and-around the city centre, this is a proper laid-back workshop where you can really unwind and enjoy yourself. With a different theme for each session, you’ll be painting like a pro in no time!

Sheffield City Centre | Website

Best Art Classes in Sheffield - Short Sewing Courses

3. Sewing Short Courses - Running With Scissors

Whether you’re interested in dressmaking or learning how to crochet, RWS Sheffield is the perfect place to hone and practice your needle & threat skills. With a variety of short courses on offer, these Sheffield art courses are a fantastic idea even if you’re still not sure what you want to try your hand at.

Queens Rd | Website

Best Art Classes in Sheffield - Pottery Day Classes

4. Pottery Day Classes - Andrew Walker Ceramics

With a range of awesome clay classes to take a look at, these Sheffield pottery classes are perfect even for the absolute beginner. Taking place at an independent studio in the city centre, you can try out making plates, jugs, vases, bowls and much more before having them fired and prepared for you to take home & use. Even if you’ve never tried your hand at clay building before, this is a fantastic place to start.

57 Chippinghouse Rd | Website

Best Art Classes in Sheffield - Digital Photography

5. Digital Photography Short Course - The Sheffield College

Taking place over the course of 8 weeks, this awesome art class in Sheffield will teach you everything you need to know about the basic workings of a digital camera. From shutter speeds to aperture and planning your scenes, you’ll then learn how to work to creative briefs and manage your portfolio.

Granville Rd | Website

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