The Best Art Lessons Online

The Best Online Art Classes

Since the rise of the internet, more and more people have chosen to practice and take up new hobbies from home. Now, with the abundance of online art classes available, it’s never been easier to try your hand at a new skill!

No matter if your interest is in pencil drawing, watercolour or calligraphy, the internet is teeming with free online art classes you can enrol in today. This may be a good idea if you're training yourself up for an hilarious session of hen party life drawing or an awesome stag do life drawing party. Especially since the pandemic, more and more creatives are choosing to take their hobbies online and practice from the comfort of their own homes. So if you’re looking to take some virtual art classes yourself, take a look at our list of the best below!

Best Online Drawing Courses

There’s no better place to start your creative journey than with a free online drawing class. What’s great is that there’s shortage of these online art classes either, as you’ll find everything from sessions designed specifically for beginners to virtual drawing classes for seasoned experts. Whilst many include a price tag, we’ve listed some of the best free alternatives for you.

The Best Online Art Classes - Get Started with Drawing

1. Get Started With Drawing - Brenda Hoddinott (Drawspace)

Led by an accomplished and award-winning artist, Get Started with Drawing is one of Drawspace’s best free online drawing courses, teaching you the basics from beginning to end. Covering everything from sketching to showing you how to hold your pencil correctly, this online drawing class will teach you everything you need to know to get yourself off to a great start.


The Best Online Art Classes - ArtyFactory Step-by-Step Guides

2. ArtyFactory - Step-by-Step Guides

Packed full of detailed step-by-step guides, ArtyFactory provides some of the best free online art classes, no matter if your interest is in pencil drawing or watercolour… this site has it all! Not only will their tutorials cover the skills and techniques you’ll practice and use along the way, but many of these online drawing tutorials include a list of what specific art supplies you’ll need for the project.


The Best Online Art Classes - Cartoon Drawing Classes

3. Cartoon Drawing Classes - Em Winn (Udemy)

Arguably one of the most popular online art classes on this site, Em Winn’s Cartoon Drawing Class has thousands of actively-enrolled students and continues to grow in numbers. These wonderfully detailed online drawing tutorials will guide you through the fundamentals of cartoon drawing, where you’ll end up with around 25 of your own by the end of the course!


Online Painting Classes

If you’re looking to take things a step further, try your hand at one of the many amazing online painting classes out there? A step-up from pencil drawing, painting will teach you to plan out your scene before making changes or adjustments, and how to fix them if something goes a bit wrong! Even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before, we’ve found some of the best free art lessons online that will be sure to get your skills up to scratch.

The Best Online Art Classes - The Secret to Your Painting's Success

1. The Secret to Your Painting's Success | Malcolm Dewey

Designed to suit the absolute beginners, this fantastic online painting class covers the entire preparation process you’ll need to nail down before you even think about taking brush to canvas! Designed specifically for those who struggle to complete paintings, this awesome online art class will get you on the right track and finishing some great pieces of work in no time.


The Best Online Art Classes - Learn to Draw & Paint

2. Learn to Draw & Paint - Online College of Art & Design

Packed with twenty in-depth tutorial videos, this is another amazing free online painting class that also covers the basics for drawing too. If you have a keen interest in both disciplines, then this could be the best choice for you. Not only does this online art class give you all the tips and tricks to get started, but also provides a platform to progress onto an accredited course (paid) where you have the chance to gain a qualification for your efforts.


The Best Online Art Classes - Beginners Acrylic Course

3. Beginners Acrylic Course - TheArtSherpa

A full 40-minute guide to getting started with acrylic, this extensive acrylic painting class will take you through the entire creative process from preparation to the final touches. In between, you’ll be taught how to mix colours, how acrylic paint works on the canvas and how to fix your paintings if something goes wrong. As far as online art classes go, this is a great one to start with, as everything is packed into one video for you.


Free Digital Drawing Classes

For those who want to take their hobby fully digital, the amount of free digital art courses available online is extensive. Rather than using your standard pencil and paper, these courses utilise the use of digital drawing pads & graphics tablets. Whilst this may seem like an expensive investment, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Booming in popularity over recent years, you can pick up an entry-level graphics tablet for less than a sketchbook in some places!

The Best Online Art Classes - Digital Painting

1. CRTL+Paint - Learn Digital Painting for Free

Packed full of in-depth tutorials and learning resources, CTRL+Paint host some of the best free digital drawing classes out there. With 18 full-packed sections, this free class covers everything you could think of & more, including brush control, common techniques and how to get into your creative headspace.


Online Calligraphy Classes

Maybe drawing and painting isn’t your thing, and that’s okay! Calligraphy is one of the lesser-explored types of online art classes that could just well be your next hobby! For those of you who haven’t heard of it, this is the art of designing and creating custom lettering. Whilst there aren’t a great deal of completely free options out there, these free calligraphy courses can get you started.

The Best Online Art Classes - Calligraphy

2. Calligrascape - Richard Wideman

From the basic pencil techniques to copperplating, this is probably one of the most in-depth free calligraphy classes anywhere on the internet. This online art course will take you through the steps of creating your very own gothic-style alphabet, following all the necessary techniques and crucial steps along the way.


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