Hen Do Planning - Complete Planning Guide (updated for 2022)

Hen Do Planning - Complete Planning Guide

If hen do planning is a new territory for you then it can seem like an extremely daunting task to do alone which is why we have put together this complete guide!

Organising has never been easier with the help of our planning guide. There is nothing worse than being stressed and trying to get everything sorted for the celebrations. Luckily, we have put together all you need to know and exactly what to do throughout the hen planning process below. This way you won’t miss out any important details or extras that you may not have thought about yourself. We update this guide regularly with new and upcoming trends, extras, and things to consider.

5 Steps To Hen Do Planning

1. How Much Do You Want to Spend?

First things first and probably the most important part of hen do planning is setting a budget! If you haven’t set a budget when you are planning things can easily get out of hand and you will probably end up spending an awful amount. By setting a budget you will then be able to have a clearer picture of the type of celebration you will be able to plan. And from here you can think of everything you need to complete the celebrations and stick to how much you are wanting to spend.

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2. When To Go?

When it comes to organising an event you need to decide when to go. With this you have to put into consideration things like how long to leave between the party and the wedding. As well as avoiding clashing with other events like holidays, birthdays, and special occasions. Depending on the ideas you already have will also probably make you consider the time of year you want the get together. And finally if you are planning to stay over at least for one night do you need to make sure the celebration falls on a weekend?

3. Who Should You Invite?

Once you’ve got an idea on some dates and times of year you can then figure out approximate numbers. Of course it would be ideal if you could talk to the bride when planning this step. Find out whether she wants a small or big celebration and who she wants at the event. After all it is for her so you need to make sure its exactly as she would want it. With the bride to be’s requests in mind you can then figure out how many you are inviting and who it is that you are inviting too!

4. Where Should You Go?

UK or Abroad? Again this all comes down to the type of party you are wanting to plan. If you are looking for some guaranteed sunshine opting for a spanish destination may be a good idea! But if you are looking for something that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocked a UK city can be just as exciting! To make the decision a little easier we have put together a list of pros and cons to each option below.



  • A lot cheaper overall compared to going abroad
  • You will probably find more people will come if it’s in the UK
  • 100s of activities & ideas to choose from


  • Not as special if you stay in the UK
  • Not guaranteed good weather
  • Less sightseeing spots



  • Nicer weather will be guaranteed
  • More unique experiences abroad than in the UK
  • Interesting tours, sights, and nightlife


  • More expensive
  • Less people will be likely to come
  • Your chosen city will probably be a lot busier

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5. What Should You Do?

So you have decided when you are going, who is going and where your going. Now it is time to decide what plans to fill your weekend with! This is the fun part, there will be plenty of activities and ideas available for your chosen city. You just need to figure out whether you want day time activities, evening activities or both! As well as deciding if you want a meal booked and any other fun extras! So long as you have chosen some things to do you have got all the basics of hen party planning organised! 

Who Should Be Organising The Hen Party?

When it comes to planning the hen party the person who should be organising it is the maid of honour or chief bridesmaid! It is common for the maid of honour to take the lead role of organising with some help off the rest of the bridesmaids or party guests.

How Far In Advance Should You Plan a Hen Do?

We would highly suggest having the hen do anywhere from eight weeks before the wedding. This way there will be plenty of time to recover from whatever you get up to. For example if you have an adrenaline filled weekend there may be some bruises that need to heal. It is also extremely important that there is at least 1 pay day in between the celebration and the wedding. This is so everyone can have fun and make the most of the experience without worrying about affording both celebrations.

Tips for Hen Party Planning

Give enough notice - Make sure there is plenty of notice so that there is more chance that everyone who has been invited is able to come.

Be strict - It can be hard organising a hen party which is why you need to be firm with your decisions, accept peoples help but when it comes to the final decision it’s your call!

Think about who is going - This is important when deciding where to go and what to do if the bride to be wants her mum and nan at the celebration you may want to opt for something less active.

Be organised - There are so many aspects of hen do planning that you may not think about, put together a to do list to keep yourself organised.

Set up a group chat - This way you can gather ideas and discuss important party business with the rest of the group!

Partner with the lads - By the lads booking the stag do life drawing class with us we might be able to give you both a discount :)

Hen Party Extras

Once you’ve planned the main parts its time to start thinking about your extras! These are the finishing touches that will really personalise the celebrations and make it one to remember for the bride to be and the rest of the group.


Hen party games are a great addition to a hen do and planning them into a celebration is a must! We have over 20 different games that will be suited for all different groups. Have a read and pick out your favourite ones that you want to play on the day! If you're looking for more boozy ideas, check out our list of hen party drinking games as well!


You want to look the part when it comes to the celebration and accessories are a great way to do that! Think of sashes, badges, veils the lot! You can really go as big or small as you want when it comes to choosing some accessories to wear!


A great way to make it that extra bit special would be with some decorations! There are plenty of balloons, banners, and more available that can completely transform your home or chosen venue. You can also find different decoration themes too!


An easy one to remember we’re sure. Buying the bride to be a present is a must, whether the group joins together to get one big present or you all buy separately. Its also a tradition to give the group a favour!

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