The Best London Art Colleges

Top Art Colleges in London

One of the world’s biggest and most exciting cities, there’s no wonder why so many creatives flock here to study at one of the top art colleges in London!

With a rich history and producing some of the world’s greatest artists, directors and fashion designers, there are an abundance of amazing places to study that are known across the globe for amazing exhibitions in everything from fine art to fashion photography. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our list below and find the London art college that’s perfect for you!

15 London Art Schools to Discover

Top Art Colleges in London - Central St. Martins

1. Central St. Martins

Situated right next to the famous Kings Cross Station, Central St. Martins is easily one of the best-known art colleges in London. With notable alumni including Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, this gigantic campus has large, modern and bright co-working spaces where students can meet up, chat and work. With around 18 courses ranging from undergraduate to short summer courses, this famous school usually the number-one choice for creative students across the country and the rest of the world.

1 Granary Square | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - Royal College of Art

2. Royal College of Art

One of the oldest art colleges in the city, the Royal College of Art was founded in 1837 and underwent many changes including location right up to the present day. Now, with three campuses stretched across the capital, this art college has seen many famous faces through its doors over time, including film director Ridley Scott and actor Alan Rickman to name a few. With all that being said, this is a fantastic university to take a look at.

1 Hester Rd | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - Chelsea College of Art & Design

3. Chelsea College of Art & Design

Situated on the banks of the River Thames, the Chelsea College of Art & Design is easily one of the capital's best art schools through its association with UAL. Founded in 1895, this university offers undergraduate, post-grad and short courses for both UK and international students. Not only is this a fantastic art college but is also very well located in the heart of the city, right next door to Tate Britain and Vauxhall Bridge.

16 John Islip St | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - Slade School of Fine Art

4. Slade School of Fine Art

Right on the doorstep of Euston Station is the Slade School of Art, part of the UCL group of universities. Renowned for some of its famous alumni, you can take a range of courses here that includes online learning, short courses and the usual post & undergrad degrees. With a particular focus on contemporary art, this world-famous university is one of the best you can possibly find.

UCL (Gower St) | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - Goldsmiths University (UAL)

5. Goldsmiths University (UAL)

Part of the UAL network, Goldsmiths is one of the older colleges found in the city, founded in 1891 as a technical institute. Since then, it has become world-famous for its exciting and prestigious courses, with over 10,000 students from across the UK and the rest of the world. Aside from disciplines such as Music and Anthropology, this university is noted mainly for its Art & Design courses. With notable alumni including the Young British Artists collective and the likes of Damien Hirst, this is a fantastic place to study.

8 Lewisham Way | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - London College of Fashion

6. London College of Fashion

Part of the UAL group of universities, the London College of Fashion is an exceptional place to study, drawing in students from around the world each year for its one-of-a-kind courses. Known for being one of the top places to study art in the capital, this awesome campus is situated right next to New Cross station and is extremely well-connected to the rest of this exciting city. With notable colleges like Cordwainers that have produced some of the most successful designers in Britain, this university isn’t one to overlook.

20 John Prince’s St | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - The Coutauld

7. The Courtauld

With one of the best and most varied art galleries in the UK, The Courtauld was founded at the dawn of the 20th century by art collectors and philant­hro­pists. Since then, it has grown into one of the best places to study the arts and has had many famous alumni in its time including names like Jimmy Choo and William Tempest. Situated on The Strand right next to Somerset House and Kings College, you couldn’t get more central to the City even if you tried!

The Strand | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - Royal Academy of Music

8. Royal Academy of Music

Whilst it may not be the first school that comes to mind when it comes to creative universities, the Royal Academy of Music is noted for being one of the best music schools in the world. Situated right next to stunning Regents Park in the Marylebone area, this amazing university offers courses across the musical board from classical to contemporary. Being centrally located and just a short walk from some of the most iconic British landmarks, this college is a top choice for anybody who lives and breathes music!

Marylebone Rd | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - City & Guilds of London Art School

9. City & Guilds of London Art School

Founded as the Lambeth School of Art, this school isn’t strictly world-renowned, but still earns a spot on our list because of its awesome courses. With a focus on providing amazing Fine Art and Art Histories courses, this college also gives students the opportunity to study abroad as well as take short courses, masterclasses and summer schools too. Located just across the River Thames and a short walk away from Kennington tube station, this London art college is an exceptional choice.

124 Kennington Park Rd | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - Camberwell College of Arts

10. Camberwell College of Arts

Further out of the City in the borough of Southwark is the amazing Camberwell College of Arts. The last but certainly not the least important on this list, this university is also part of the extensive UAL group of schools. Founded in 1898, here students come to study a range of disciplines from 3D design to Footwear.

1 Wilson Rd (Peckham) | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - Ravensbourne University

11. Ravensbourne University

Situated on the doorstep of the O2 Arena, Ravensbourne University is an exceptional place to study in the capital for those looking to pursue a career in creative and digital media. Whether you’re interested in fashion or photography, this fantastic college boasts a fantastic campus right on the Greenwich Peninsula, connecting this awesome university to the rest of the city via the tube network.

6 Penrose Way (Greenwich) | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - University of Westminster

12. University of Westminster

With courses from photography to fine art and animation, the University of Westminster is one of the best art schools that the capital has to offer. With various campus buildings situated around the Marylebone, Fitzrovia & SoHo areas, this is also one of the oldest universities in the city too. With both undergrad and post-grad courses as well as distance learning opportunities, this college is a no-brainer.

309 Regent St | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - London Metropolitan University

13. London Metropolitan University

With an extensive and impressive campus situated right next to the famous Emirates Stadium, this fantastic university is also one of the best for art, design and architecture courses. With a great creative department and plenty of courses for you to explore and get your hands on, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider this amazing university for your studies.

166-220 Holloway Rd | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - Middlesex University London

14. Middlesex University

With a large campus to the northwest of the city, this long-standing university is perfect for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the City. Located just a short walk away from Hendon Central tube station, this art college is very accessible no matter where you’re travelling from in the city. With an impressive art faculty featuring courses from product design to fine art, Middlesex University is a great option to consider.

The Burroughs (Hendon) | Website

Top Art Colleges in London - The BRIT School

15. The BRIT School

Known for producing some of the biggest and best-known British artists and performers this century, the BRIT School deserves a mention as being one of the best for its track record, as well as amazing facilities and great location in Croydon. With alumni like Amy Winehouse and Adele, this school provides a creative education for those aged 14-19 and is a firm favourite when it comes to studying the creative arts.

60 The Crescent | Website

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