Classy Hen Party Ideas

Classy Hen Do Ideas – The Complete Guide

A classy hen party is a perfect option to keep things tasteful, stylish, and elegant for your last night of freedom.

If you have made it onto this guide, we assume the bride-to-be and the rest of the group are a classy, sophisticated bunch. This means the idea of everything being bright pink with L plates will not appeal to you.

There are plenty of things you will need to consider when deciding which classy hen party ideas are suitable for your group. Read through our complete guide below, and we are sure that by the end of it, you will be full of ideas on creating a classy hen party for the bride-to-be.

Inside this guide, you will find:

Classy Hen Party Activities

Girls Night

Classy Hen Do Ideas - Girls Night

A girl's night is a great place to start if you want a classy hen party at home and are looking for ideas. This could be anything from a complete sleepover to a whole day creating memories at someone’s house or rented accommodation.

The opportunities are endless; you could buy some face masks, drink cocktails, and enjoy a selection of delicious nibbles. And you could put on some classic chic flicks or wedding-themed movies when it gets to the evening!

Life Drawing

Classy Hen Do Ideas - Life Drawing

Although a little bit cheeky, a life drawing hen party is a classic activity if you want something a little classier. As well as watching a model get into various poses for you to try and draw.

It is also an opportunity for you to bring out the creative flare you have within you and have some fun with it. And after all, you are celebrating, so you can still be classy with enjoying a bit of tasteful nudity.

Hire a Bartender

Classy Hen Do Ideas - Hire a Bartender

Another great option if you are wanting to organise a classy hen party would be to hire a cocktail bartender! You and the girls can enjoy chatting and having some fun while you have your bartender who will mix up some delicious cocktails for you all.

Perfect if you want to have your bar experience in the comfort of your own home or rented accommodation. And a great stress-free way to enjoy some drinks together.

Trip to the Spa

Classy Hen Do Ideas - Trip to the Spa

There is nothing more relaxing and sophisticated than a spa pamper hen party! Whether it’s a hen celebration or not, a trip to the spa always goes down well with a group of girls.

And even more so for this occasion, give the bride-to-be a well deserved relaxation and a break away from wedding planning and the stresses that come with it. You could keep it simple, use the spa facilities, or treat yourself to a treatment or two!

Cocktail Making

Classy Hen Do Ideas - Cocktail Making

Cocktails are probably one of the classiest drinks a girl can have – so why not try creating your own with a cocktail making class for hen parties? With this experience, you will have the chance to get behind the bar and have a go at mixing your drinks.

The experienced cocktail mixologist will tell you everything you need to know about creating your drinks, provide you with a demonstration, and show you a few tricks.

Private Chef with Hunky Butler

Classy Hen Do Ideas - Private Chef with Hunky Butler

Treat everyone to some delicious food and a bit of eye candy with a private chef and hunky butler. You girls won’t need to lift a finger. Instead, you can enjoy a delicious meal made by an incredible chef.

And get waited on hand and foot by your very own hunky male butler! You will have a choice of various menus before the day, so you can pick one that suits everyone in your group!

Book your personal chef online here...

Create Your Own Perfume

Classy Hen Do Ideas - Perfume Making

Test how well your nose works when you are sat in front of a range of different scents with a perfume making hen party. This event can be at home or in your rented accommodation and would be an experience everyone will enjoy.

You will have a professional teaching all about the base, middle and top notes that layer on each other to make a fragrance. Once they have done that, you can choose your layers to create your signature scent!

Classy Games for a Hen Party

Prosecco Pong – Like beer pong but with prosecco to make it a little fancier.

Guess the Dress – Have a go at drawing the bride to be’s dress and see who gets it spot on.

Mr & Mrs Quiz – See how well the soon to be weds know each other with this list of Mr & Mrs questions.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress – Using only toilet paper you have to work in groups to create a wedding dress.

Advice for the Bride – Each write down some wedding advice for the bride and then she can read through them at the end of the night.

28 classy hen party games available for you!

Planning Guide for Home Hen Do Ideas

Decorations & Accessories for a Classy Hen Do


Badges are a great way to add accessories to the celebration without being too over the top! 

Hats & Headwear

Of course, some headwear might seem a bit over the top for your classy hen party, but some excellent hen party hats and headwear options available that will suit a group of classy ladies.


Sashes are a classic hen party accessory that can still be extremely classy! There are so many nice ones out there from Team Hen, Tribe Bride and more.


Since you are celebrating the bride-to-be before her wedding day, using veils as accessories would be a great idea.

Hen Do Props

We are sure you will be taking some pictures between all your classy hen party ideas, so why not add some hen do props into the fun? You could get some photobooth style props or selfie frames – we’ve found some good hen do props for you.

Glasses & Drinkware

If you are drinking during the hen party, why not use personalised shot glasses or drinkware.

Pick Your Life Model

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